Sofía Bemposta Rivas
Investigadora FPI

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Sofía Bemposta Rivas holds a BA in English Philology by the University of Vigo and an MA in Advanced English studies, with an intensification in linguistics. She also holds a one-year MA in Teaching (University of Vigo) and she taught in the BA courses “English language and its didactics” and “Foreign language learning” in the degree of Education, also at the University of Vigo.

Nowadays, she is working on her PhD dissertation about infinitival complementation alternations in post-verbal position in the recent history of English under the supervision of Dr. Javier Pérez Guerra. As a member of the Language Variation and Textual Categorization (LVTC) and the English Linguistic Circle (ELC), Sofía’s main interests are historical linguistics, variation and change.

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