Xubilación de Inés Alonso

O Departamento de Filoloxía Inglesa, Francesa e Alemá despide con honores a Inés Alonso de Soto. Profesora da área de Filoloxía Francesa durante décadas (dende a época do antigo Colexio Universitario de Vigo), Inés xubílase como docente mais non como amiga. Inés, as/os compañeiras/as do FIFA desexámosche toda a sorte nesta nova etapa!

Modelling conference

The LVTC research group, a member of the ELC network, organised in Vigo (24-25 May 2018) the international conference “Modelling the linguistic architecture of English: theories and methods”. The ELC network was established in 2006 under the coordination of Prof Teresa Fanego and comprises five research teams based at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo.

Graduate Day 2018

The Inter-university Doctoral programme in Advanced English Studies: Linguistics, Literature and Culture (IDAES), run by the Universities of A Coruña (UDC), Santiago de Compostela (USC) and Vigo (UVigo), organised the event Graduate Day 2018 in Vigo on May 4th 2018.

On Tuesday, March 20, Dr. Maureen O'Connor from University College Cork delivered the talk "Contesting Gender Stereotypes in Irish Cultural Mythology: An Eco-Feminist Perspective". Drawing on Eco-Feminist criticism, Dr.  O'Connor discussed  the silencing of powerful women voices in the construction of  Irish mythology by leading Irish Revivalists.

Professor Loredana Polezzi gave a lecture entitled “Between Trauma and Desire: Translating the Memory of Migration” at the Faculty of Philology and Translation in Vigo, on 30 Nov 2017. Prof. Polezzi’s lecture explored the link between a specific kind of transnational memory –the memory of migration– and processes of linguistic as well as cultural translation.

Cristóbal Lozano

Dr. Cristóbal Lozano conducted the research seminar “Investigating word order in L2 English: triangulating corpus and experimental approaches” at the Faculty of Philology and Translation in Vigo, on 27 Nov 2017. In the first part, he discussed the findings from a series of studies he carried out in collaboration with Dr. Amaya Mendikoetxea (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) on the acquisition of word order in L1 Spanish-L2 English by considering Subject-Verb inversion structures like those in examples (1-4):

It is a pleasure to announce that on 2 November 2017 Javier Pérez-Guerra became Full Professor of English Linguistics, the first one in this field at the University of Vigo. Congratulations are in order!

On 2 October Dr. Michael Westphal, from the University of Münster, gave a seminar funded by our Department entitled New Englishes - New Methods, divided into two parts. Part 1 dealt with Tag questions across Englishes with a focus on text type variation, and part 2 concentrated on language attitude research with special reference to mixed methods.
Despedida Alberto Pérez

Tras preto de dúas décadas no posto da secretaría do Departamento, o Departamento de Filoloxía Inglesa, Francesa e Alemá despide con honores a Alberto Pérez Pereira nun xantar entre colegas. Alberto, moita sorte no teu novo posto! Enlace ao álbum fotográfico na intranet do Departamento (require autenticación na zona privada, só para membros do FIFA: http://fifa.uvigo.es/gl/system/files/intranet/alberto_fifa.pdf)